Somos Som

Simone Sou brings an exciting new project to DC2017.

The Duo Somos Som, (meaning 'We are sound'), comprises Simone Sou ( São Paulo ) and Fernando Lobo ( Paraná ) who originate from the south and south eastern region of Brasil.

Meeting each other in a jam session during a summer festival in Curitiba - capital of Paraná state, they had the idea to continue the duo and create a book with material they were themselves developing as inventive drummers and percussionists, based on brazilian traditional and contemporary music. The book is a result of this encounter, where Simone and Fernando present rhythms from different regions of Brasil, adapted to their set ups, mixing drumkit and percussion instruments.

Both Fernando and Simone are also composers  performing their own music ( songs and instrumental ) and have been working with bands, projects and various brazilian artists for many years.

The Duo Somos Som brings to DC17 a new flavour of brazilian combination of rhythms, spreading grooves through their creative set ups - the " Percuteria " (percussão+bateria) and showing new brazilian beats.


Percussionist, drummer and composer, Simone Sou was born in Sao Paulo in 1970. In the early 90’s Simone worked and recorded her first album with poet - composer Itamar Assumpção, and also began to work with the renowed composer Chico Cesar, touring all Brazil, Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, from 95 till 2005, playing in some festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Jazz Heritage Festival in New Orleans, Womad, Sfinx, just to name a few. Simone also worked with some important brazilian artists such as Zeca Baleiro, Zelia Duncan, Badi Assad - touring all USA - Jards Macalé, Marku Ribas, Elza Soares, Funk Como le Gusta Big Band, Carlinhos Antunes and his Orquestra Mundana, drummer Robertinho Silva, and the legendary rock band from Tropicalia movement Os Mutantes.

Simone also played with some international musicians, such as the composer and pianist from Congo, Ray Lema, djembe master from Burkina Fasso, Adama Drame, the English producer Adrian Sherwood, the Russian accordeon player Oleg Fateev, the string quartet from NY, Ethel, the Deutch pianist and composer Martin Fondse, the Cuban composer and bassist Yusa, and a group of 8 musicians from Scotland in a project called Orquestra Scotland - Brasil. 

We are delighted to invite Simone back once again to Drum Camp with her new project. She will be leading our Brazilian Samba and mixed Brazilian Rhythm workshops. A must to attend!

Year Contributions
2017 Performance
Samba and Mixed Percussion Workshops
2016 Samba and Mixed Percussion Workshops

Video of Somos Som project

Samba Procession at Drum Camp 2015