Nigel Sadler

Nigel Sadler

Nigel runs the Drums Aloud group in Halesowen, nr Birmingham which has been a highly successful group running for over 10 years. He teaches Djembe/dundun, balafon and some occasional sabar too.  He has studied with many djembe/dundun, balafon and sabar teachers all over the world, including Mamady Keita, Babara Bangoura, Seckou Keita, Iya Sako, Abdoulaye N'Diaye Rose, Modou Diouf and many, many more, including the wonderful teachers at Drum Camp.

Nigel aims to encourage drummers to push their boundaries, whilst providing a class to cater to all abilities. His clarity of teaching often provides learners with those important “aha moments” and he uses a variety of techniques and explanations to enhance understanding, and always provides notation as required.

Whether you are happy to play a single accompaniment for a whole session, or want to try out the duns, or want to play something a little bit more adventurous, you are very welcome and will have these options. Nigel will have some of his Drums Aloud students playing support, so you will experience a great sound, and will immediately be able to hear the underlying rhythms and how the different parts all fit together.

The drumming workshops are also great for those with little or no experience in hand drumming. Whatever your level, you will find you can be accommodated.

The balafon workshops are also aimed at all levels, whether you are beginner or more advanced.   They will include playing balafon alongside kora (the rhythm/song will be Jarabi), and alongside djembe/dundun (the rhythm will be Soko), as well as incorporating singing. So if you play a little kora, or you enjoy singing, then you can still gain a great deal from the balafon workshops, even if you don't play balafon.

Year Contributions
2018 Beginners Djembe and Dundun & Balafon (all levels)
2017 Beginners Djembe/Dundun
2016 Advanced Djembe Workshops (ad hoc, not timetabled)


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