Modou Diouf

Modou Diouf is a hugely popular Senegalese star and longtime friend of Drum Camp. His effortless mastery of the Sabar drums and huge smile will be set to pulsate through the camp bringing a joy to all those who love his style of drumming.

The Sabar drums use hand and stick technique with machine gun like cross rhythms, and will require a keen ear and sense of call and response structures.

Modou Diouf was born in 1960 into a family of Gewel Musicians, (The Griots of Northern Senegal). Modou’s family were all born into the music of the Sabar Oulof, a particular form of drumming once reserved for Senegalese royalty, but now found more widely in the Senegambia region of West Africa. Today, Sabar music is found at all kinds of social events such as; weddings, births and other rites of passage, as well as popular events such as wrestling matches.

Modou will be teaching all levels of sabar classes.

Year Contributions
2018 Sabar Drumming Workshops
2017 Sabar Drumming Workshops