Jon Hardeman

Brazil's African Rhythms - The ritual hand drum rhythms of Brazilian Candomblé (Africa – Brazil).
In these workshops, participants will learn something of the rhythms of Candomblé, Brazil’s African-rooted ritual practices, from which Samba, Samba-Reggae, Afoxé and all other of Brazil’s Carnival and folkloric music and dance originate. However, don’t expect Samba drums in these workshops - this is very different indeed. Coming from the rhythms of Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and other West African countries, this drumming has a style and technique that incorporates hand and stick drumming similar to Sabar drumming. This will be an eye-opening experience for anyone wishing to learn and understand the link between Africa and Brazil. We’ll be playing on conga drums (if you have one, then please bring!). We’ll also have several of the traditional drums of Candomblé, known as Atabaques. Expect simple 'call and answer' chants too.

Jon has been teaching Afro-Brazilian hand drumming and carnival drumming in the UK for well over thirty years. He first travelled to the city of Salvador da Bahia in Brazil’s North-East some twenty-five years ago, where he began studying the rhythms, songs, dances and practices of Candomblé, the religion that gave us the music and dance of Samba and Samba-Reggae. Eleven years ago Jon was initiated into Candomblé and honoured by being made an Alabé, a drummer and song-caller for ceremonies. As well as teaching the music and dance of Candomblé, Jon has been responsible over the years for both starting and/or teaching many Samba and Samba-Reggae groups here in the UK. He considers it important that groups and individuals playing these Brazilian rhythms outside Brazil, have at least some understanding of the roots of the music they play and the instruments they use.


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