Heidi Joubert

Heidi Joubert is a cajon player, singer, composer and music lover! She works as a professional musician in London and all over Europe, largely with her own band and on various other projects.

Heidi founded and runs the London & Cambridge Cajon schools (the only cajon schools in the UK at present). In addition to her cajon schools, she also runs and hosts the regular London cajonbox jam. She has her own teaching channel on youtube inspiring normal people all over the world through her video lessons.

The Cajon is a box drum played with the hands, fingers and brushes. It can also be played with your feet or really any object.

The Cajon is sat upon and played upon the face (front panel) of the box with your hands and fingers. You can also get different tones and notes out of a cajon by applying pressure to the front panel (face) with the heel of your foot or your hands whilst striking it with the other hand.

Due to the amazing range of sounds and the different timbres, It is often referred to as a drum kit in a box and is used as such in modern music.

The cajon is any percussionists or drummers dream! No hassle with loads of drums and equipment, just a box with an amazing sound, and loud enough to be used accoustic, even in concert!

Heidi makes her second appearance at DC17 and will be teaching beginners and intermediate/ advanced cajon.

Heidi will be performing over the weekend again tight ensemble fusing flamenco, jazz and funk themes with guitar, double bass and of course the amazing and versatile Cajon box.

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Performance and Workshops

2017 Performance and Workshops


Click here to see some teaching videos with Heidi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8EdJGwwlqA

Video of Heidi performing with her trio and other musicians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBD_wqlVHcA 

See the viral video of Heidi on the London Underground https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF6shrBX4L8