Hans Sutton

Hans Sutton is a very talented teacher and musician needs little introduction nowadays and is very well respected in the drumming world. Hans will be teaching Intermediate, advanced and masterclass level workshops for djembe, as well as intermediate and advanced levels for Dun Dun.

His Djembe advanced and masterclass workshops are very challenging, maybe not for most intermediate players. You will have to really know your instrument to take part. If you are up for it, you’ll have one of the best workshop experiences of the year.

Hans was about 14 years old when he came to our very first Drum Camp. Like acorn to mighty oak, he really has developed into an extraordinarily talented musician. 

Hans will be performing with the Hanscamp band Sunday night - should be a hot performance.

Year Contributions
2017  Djembe, Dundun and Calabash Workshops
2016 Djembe and Dundun Workshops