Batch Gueye

Batch Gueye photograph

The Batch Gueye Band will be heading up our fantastic line-up for Saturday evening.

From a young age Batch took any opportunity to perform, eventually dancing in music videos and at concerts regularly for some of Senegal’s leading singers, some of which include: Youssou Ndour, Baaba Maal, Cheikh Lo, and Coumba Gawlo. Batch came to Europe as a dancer with the hit show Afrika!Afrika! He danced with the show for two years. After leaving the show Batch turned his focus to finding success as a musician.

Although Batch grew up firstly as a dancer, he was considered a singer too. His mother, grandmother, and those before them had been singers, and so it was without a doubt that he could also be. Singing prayers as a BayeFall Muslim is where Batch found his voice. Naturally, many of his songs today are of praise, thanking Allah and thanking religious leaders that have guided the people of his country for years. Other songs are simply wise words, teaching people ‘be good to yourself and respect those around you’ to listen, to trust and to have faith in life.

Batch sings his songs in the Senegalese language Wolof, however language does not obstruct his music and the passion Batch has for all he sings can be heard and understood by all.

His energy as a dancer is as vibrant and colourful as the patchwork clothes of his BayeFall people. Like his music, his dance style is a collection of both traditional and modern African cultures, and his combination of strong and fast movement promises to be a striking display. Batches sincerity as a singer is equal to the energy he brings as a dancer, a man of many talents – You can trust that Batch will never fail to amaze!

Batch will be running a Sabar dance workshop and also a Baye Fall chanting voice workshop which promises to be brilliant, should you decide to participate.

Batch willbring his full band to Drum Camp adding to a highly charged and eclectic line-up for 2017.

Year Contributions
2017 Performance and workshops

Here are some videos of his to check out

Dance and Voice Workshops

Performance video