Barry Mason

Barry Mason has been playing drums and percussion since an early age. His career as a musician has progressed from rock to jazz to world music, and is now happily involved in fields in which rhythm and melody are used in sound healing and meditation as well as contemporary music. He has been teaching music for 20 years.

In 2006 Barry discovered the Hang, and was immediately enchanted by its deeply-moving soundscape and huge musical potential. He gives regular performances and workshops, involving the hang and other handpans, udus, and associated percussion instruments.

The Hang is a kind of upside-down steel drum-looking instrument, but unlike its Caribbean stable mate, it is played with the fingers and palm instead of mallets. There are many ways to produce sound out of a Hang that do not involve what many consider 'drumming'. The Hang-Makers and many veteran players instead regard the Hang as a complex holistic entity more likened to a "sound sculpture" than a typical drum. It is a beautiful sounding and ambient instrument, with a sound that will envelop all you sense like a unicellular massage.

Barry will be combining his workshops with an ancient but similar sounding jug shape instrument called the Udu. This year, as well as a beginners class, Barry will be leading an intermediate/improvers class for more experienced players who need more challenging content..

Year Contributions
2019  Hang and Udu Workshops
2018  Hang and Udu Workshops
2017 Hang and Udu Worlshops


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